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Did you know that… ?

Every 6-8hours, 3-4 people in the UK become permanently paralysed as a result of a broken neck or back accident, commonly known as spinal cord injury (SCI). This leaves them permanently paralysed and disabled, dependant on third party help & a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. With current care that can be a normal full term life expectancy.

All SCI are caused during normal daily activities like driving cars or bikes, which incidentally causes 50% of all injuries. The rest happen during normal life activities like; at work, construction, DIY, sport & recreation, plus also the armed services.

The most shocking fact is that the average age of people injured is just 19 years - 78% of these are male. So mostly fathers, sons, brothers, grandsons…not forgetting mothers, daughters, and sisters etc. especially as gender equality progresses……

In the UK (worldwide) there is a huge hidden population of injured and paralysed people managing their lives. Due to lack of mobility problems, injured people are often not evident in everyday society but are just like you and me, capable, intelligent, normal people who are physically impaired by paralysis but quietly making the best of their lives. 

Spinal cord injury is a truly devastating injury that affects not only the person physically but mentally & includes their whole family and circle of friends. 

Spinal cord injury isn’t just about paralysed arms and legs. It also affects physical health, sensation, breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature control, bladder & bowel function/management as well as sexual function. This condition gives rise to considerably raised health risks like; chest infections, lack of mobility issues including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pressure sores to name but a few. Mental health and depression can be a huge factor.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Paralysis Facts

1. Accidents cause SCI paralysis every 6-8 hours in UK.

2. Resulting loss of movement, mobility & sensation (can be total or partial).

3. Average age: just 19 years.

4. 50% of accidents involve vehicles (either in/on or hit by).

5. 78% will be male.

6. Huge UK population of SCI people unseen due to lack of mobility.

7. The implications are life changing plus: Enhanced ongoing health risks, ongoing care dependency/wheelchair & risks e.g. DVT infections, bladder etc.

8. Affects the injured person's family, friends, colleagues & associates.