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2017 Sept. 10th. David Robinson completed the Iron Man Wales challenge at TENBY to raise funds for Trust PA Spinal Injury Charity in memory of his school friend P-A. Dave completed the challenge in fine form with an excellent performance in just over 12hours. As we have been informed the Welsh event is the toughest of all IM events due to the nature of the terrain throughout the event which is very hilly & tortuous. The challenge to achieve Iron Man Wales includes; 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and full 26.2 mile Marathon. On the day the weather was not kind with wind and chilly heavy rain showers so the sea for the swim had a swell & was choppy. The rain also made the roads slippery on bends for the cyclists, while the many energy sapping long gradients both up and down drained even the fittest contestants.  

We were pleased to meet David's family at the event and being able to witness David both competing during the event but importantly be with him at the winning line to see him achieve a very successful but ardouous day. "David Robinson you are an Iron Man" was stated over the public address as he crossed line. We very much appreciate the good work that David has done before this event to do the necessary training, the commitment to be involved in this amazing but very hard to achieve challenge and fundraising. Many thanks David from us all at Trust PA, with thanks also to all the good folk that have helped raise the vital funds to support David's Challenge. This will contribute to help fund the process to enable the future repair of SCI Paralysis & change injured peoples lives. This will bring back movement & sansation plus other important personal bodily functions, reduce health implications while enhancing life's experiences all round.

We value the support of people like David Robinson who make a difference by working to make life better for others in Paul-Andre's memory, spirit of humanity, sportsmanship and fair play.   

Above we have Pictures including: the finish line, Iron Man Wales medal (yes, we had just braved a heavy rain shower), Bike finish (David came in so quickly I almost missed him), Marathon pictures around Tenby town, Swim section, family support, Tenby views and the extensive competitor list including David.
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